Multi-zone alarm walk-through metal detector, walk-through scan body temperature and metal detector with a camera and a computer
Tunnel conveyor type x-ray inspection parcel, baggage & pallet cargo system, truck/container x-ray screening system, portable medical x-ray and baggage scanner
Conveyor type metal detector which inspects pharmaceuticals & food products packaged with aluminum foil. Hand-held & conveyor type needle detector / needle detector with two detection heads
Underground metal and gold detector, hand-held metal detector, conveyor type industrial and food metal detector, inspection shoe metal detector
Patrol clock and guard patrol system, binocular military telescope, aim telescope, aircraft pod, thermal imaging camera
Drug & bomb detector, liquid explosives detector, chemical warfare agent & radioactive substance detector, bomb jammer, phone GPS VHF UHF UAV jammer, search mirror & vehicle underside search system
Conveyor tunnel type mining metal detector head, food & industrial metal detector head
Military Anti-thermal imaging concealment camouflage garment, weaponized UAV and surveillance drone
SD8338B multi-purpose UAV, SD8338S suicide combat drone, SD8338R remote surveillance drone SD8338B multi-purpose UAV, SD8338S suicide combat drone, SD8338R remote surveillance drone
SD8338S combat drone is a kind of reconnaissance, surveillance and suicide combat drone and normally widely used to reconnoitre or attack enemies, enemy's building and dangerous objects. Technical data: Horizontal flight speed: 25 m / s, 90 km / hour. Max. wind speed: Level 5. Max. load: 4 Kgs, recommended load: 3 Kgs. Standard flight time: ≥ 40 minutes. Drop-off bomb rack: 1. Throwing accuracy: ≤ 1m. Throwing mode: single shot (can be hung vertically or horizontally). 2. Drop-off bomb rack caliber: 60 ~ 82 universal (can be customized to other calibers).
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