Pollfield (is) for (sub) member (person) - Watch Bohr Engineer III series of bronze star / Star Silver Watch

In the huge watch market, to measure the merits of a watch is very easy, but whether it is from the exterior design, process characteristics, or price level, they are in the hearts of each rolex replica watches the share of fans Proportion is actually not the same. But one thing that can make everyone agree is: we all want their watches look more outstanding, especially for our own, the pleasing to the eye word is particularly important. The engineers from the Boil III series of bronze stars and silver steel models, the modern table in all the outstanding aspects of the full show in front of us, and they are now available through the Boer official website for the book. Boer (race) line (Asia) member (person) watch - Boer engineer III series bronze star / silver steel watch Boer, the watch company has been working to create those unique style and fashion good timepieces, and has its high quality workpieces proud. The new engineers III series has a distinctive appearance of the pilot timepieces, for fans who love the field of aviation, it appears is definitely a happy thing, but this table is not just for the sake of "Flying fans" who build. Boer in order to ensure that the new Engineers III series has enough charm, can all table fans a comprehensive and effective catch, so many new technologies and traditional elements are armed in these two new timepiece body. It can be said that Boer to fly the world as a source of inspiration, to create an innovative flying watches. Boer (race) line (Asia) member (person) watch - Boer engineer III series bronze star / silver steel watch This time Bohr provides consumers with two options, namely the limited edition of engineers III series of bronze stars and engineers III series of silver steel replica watches uk, bronze star style uses a black disk, and silver stars have blue Color or black disc surface appearance. The surface of the texture appears to be imposing a rough tough gain effect in general, coupled with sharp pointer shape, eye-catching large time scale, it is memorable. At 3 o'clock in the calendar display window, white background in the dark background of the disk against the background, very clear, very easy to read. Boer (race) line (Asia) member (person) watch - Boer engineer III series bronze star / silver steel watch Although the appearance of their looks very cool, but this is not the new table all, in fact, for Bohr, they work up and down in the process far more than other aspects. The brand has been stunning SpringLock seismic protection system integrated in the watches are equipped with self-winding movement, the system can effectively reduce 66% of the impact of external impact, of course, if this is not enough to see, Bohr also Amortiser patent will be incorporated into the shock device together. From this point we can see, Bohr has invested the greatest efforts to ensure that the new engineers III series as real pilots in general, safe take-off and landing. In addition, the new watch is also equipped with high permeability alloy shield (it sounds very high), which can effectively protect the movement from magnetic interference, but also to protect the movement from bumps during the Influence ... have to say, defensive measures really do quite in place. General summary, is the new watch can withstand up to 5000G impact, can withstand up to 80000 A / m magnetic field interference, can effectively waterproof 100 meters depth, absolutely regarded as watch Saiyan. Boer (race) line (Asia) member (person) rolex replica uk - Boer engineer III series bronze star / silver steel watch Although the new engineers III series has a function that people can talk endlessly on the day, but the Boer watch micro-gas lights used on the disk, but we are still the same constant topic. Because it looks really too! odd! wonderful! , In the dim light conditions, do not do anything, they will automatically release the light, if not on the watch to study the words of the people, then 100 percent will be identified as an electronic form. Each Boer timepieces are equipped with this feature design, just give an example, then, such as the recent night train. Brand new engineers III series of bronze stars and silver steel watch both in quality and performance, are very satisfactory, if you are a pilot when the fans, Xiaobian really think they are very worthy of recommendation. The disk design is simple and concise, so easy to read, of course, many other pilot watches also have superior readability, but superior outstanding, can provide the perfect reading effect, but also be able to show Out of the blue sky momentum is difficult. Even if we are not a pilot, but Bohr's Engineers III series of watches will still allow us to feel the charm of the aerospace world, so that we can build our own "limited edition flight" history. Brand new engineers III series watch has been available in the Boer official online booking, the size of the size of the bronze star limited edition watch 43mm price of 8718 yuan, Silver Star style booked price of 6197 yuan (40mm or 46mm size prices are the same, there are two kinds of black or blue plate models). Their final overall price Xiaobian not found on the booking site, only the first to inform the US dollar price, the two models were 2,300 US dollars and 1,650 US dollars.