No fear of extraordinary Roger Du Pai He Excalibur series shocked the king struck

Known for its superb craftsmanship and eye-catching design, Roger Dubuis's classic timepiece series, the Excalibur, will be struck in the 2017 Geneva High Watch Fair (SIHH). In the powerful king before the official strikes, let us in advance of the three snooping one of these works. When talking about a breakthrough complex function timepieces, composed of 590 parts of the manual winding RD101 movement, equipped with four hairspring balance wheel and five sets of differential, can produce 16 Hz (vibration per hour 115,200 times) vibration Frequency, showing a shocking position of innovation. Its outstanding superior speed and performance of the natural mention, because it can instantly reach the tourbillon a minute to complete the differential adjustment, it can offset the gravity caused by the watch on the rate of change. In 2017 it will be covered with rolex replica a breakthrough new material - cobalt chromium alloy battle, showing a look of grace. No fear of extraordinary Roger Du Pai He Excalibur series shocked the king struck Excalibur Quatuor Cobalt MicroMelt® This section of the 48 mm diameter case, bezel, case back and crown are made of high-performance cobalt-chromium alloy. The alloy is produced using a unique and unique MicroMelt® technology, which uses only 0.1% of the world's metal production. MicroMelt ® technology is widely used in the field of aviation and astronomy, with a special vacuum induction melting gas spraying device, so that the molten metal through the high-pressure steam and become fine powder. The powder is mixed and filtered (to control its diameter), then dumped into a sealed canister for "hot isostatic pressing" to obtain a completely compact texture, and then hot-rolled to form a hot-rolled rod, again To achieve the final specification. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis not only praises the chemical modification of the chemical homogeneity, but also appreciates the special alloys (such as the fusion of metals and nonmetals) that can not be achieved by other techniques created by the metallurgy, Control the porosity of the material, to ensure the stability of special alloy quality. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubi from beginning to end both technology and aesthetics, so the use of such advanced materials at the same time, the heart of the replica rolex watches needs of the wearer watch: This material has 100% biocompatibility, can spontaneously form a protective passivation Film, which has a very high corrosion resistance; In addition, the material of the composite structure and carbide precipitation, but also to have a solid and durable characteristics. In this bold and innovative Excalibur Quatuor four hairspring balance wheel on the shimmer of cobalt-chrome alloy covered with blue PVD coated movement barrel frame, bridge, dial, hour scale and crocodile leather strap The formation of pleasant contrast. Bright and lively red and white are dotted with other elements: a car speed meter style on the minute circle scale, platinum hollow pointer and fill the SLN fluorescent red paint needle, and the strap of the red suture. No fear of extraordinary Roger Du Pai He Excalibur series shocked the king struck Excalibur Spider Skeleton Automatic Self-winding uk replica watches Excalibur Spider Skeleton Automatic self-winding self-winding watch with a very modern outdoor spirit and car style reflects the Roger Dubuis Roger Dubi's "technical hollow", in blue, black and red with the clever, the brand As a "pioneer of contemporary openwork skills," with the talent and creativity expose, and once again confirms the Roger Dubuis Roger Dubi hollow art into the contemporary art hall of the extraordinary ability. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubi over the years through its extraordinary movement to create the brand to show the unique insights of the hollowing skills, this watch the atmosphere of 45 mm titanium case according to the interpretation of the concept of Spider, hollow process will be extended to the movement , At the same time reflected in the case, disk edge and pointer on. This hollowing not only enhances the recognition of the timepiece, but also enhances its transparent characteristics, showing a dazzling architectural structure and sculpture, the perfect set off the exquisite beauty of the unique machinery. Innovative case structure and the use of "breakthrough material" (such as titanium), the perfect combination of technology and modeling, but also make the watch to wear extra light and comforwatches. New Excalibur Spider Skeleton Automatic self-winding watch on the cool contrast of color as one of its aesthetic features: case and crown DLC coating with a bezel, crown and ring on the vulcanized rubber detail processing, and coil, Crown, needle and strap strap light red embellishment, together create a superb eye-catching visual effects. This contrast is also reflected in the taste of material surface finishing, especially polishing and satin drawing with the meticulous. In order to ensure that the clear and convenient reading, the edge of the plate edge of the screws and the ring sweep dial pointer needle are covered with SLN fluorescent coating. Watch the multi-material strap with a combination of black rubber and blue calfskin, and with a DLC-coated titanium folding folding clasp, the same show exquisite delicate taste. This cool handsome when equipped with the launch in 2015, the first Roger Dubuis Roger Dubi self-winding hollow movement - RD820SQ movement. Watch factory will be a movement of each component after uncompromising attention to the combination, rather than only in the existing movement on the hollow, making this movement to become bold and extraordinary brand of beauty classic representative. Each of the 167 components has been hand-crafted to meet the prestigious Geneva certification of impeccable quality and excellence in the strict requirements of intensive. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis miniature pendulum Tuo Tuo's design and special highly effective to create a highly ornamental three-dimensional visual effects, this is Roger Dubuis Roger Dubi hollow self-winding movement in the initiative, as a landmark Of the "interstellar hollow" layout adds extraordinary strokes, and innovative interpretation of the excellent multi-level tabulation process. Excalibur Spider series of watch recognition star shape, the top five were pointing to different hours of scale, so that the dial is legible, a combination of brand aesthetic and practical function of a very good example. Introduced in 88 limited editions, the Excalibur Spider Skeleton Automatic is a perfect blend of tradition, innovation and professionalism. It is a watchmaking expert who specializes in the combination of architectural aesthetics and craftsmanship. It is also a Roger Dubuis Roger Du His eternal pursuit. No fear of extraordinary Roger Du Pai He Excalibur series shocked the king struck Excalibur 36 watch Excalibur Essential 36 Automatic Automatic Winding Watch with striking black DLC-coated titanium case and bezel with 48 sapphires inlayed like an inspiring blue lava out of the volcano. These bright gems also symbolize the ice and fire, cleverly against the blue PVD coated dial glamorous luster, as well as the disk on the drawing of the sun pattern of the sparkling shimmer. This exquisite elegant Excalibur King series of small watch combines a variety of forms of the series features: groove bezel, Sancha lugs, and the dial was a radial Roman numerals. These Roman numerals are set at the 6 o'clock position of the small second hand clock circle "interrupt", resulting in a different kind of fun, the circle of the date display, low-profile simple design makes the date display more clearly readable. Diameter of 36 mm case size, both men and women can wear the 28 limited edition timepiece. This watch RD830 movement with a unique 22K rose gold placed Tuo, the wonderful operation of the process, transparent sapphire crystal back cover to be perfect to show and ensure that the watch has a 48-hour power reserve. Pure blue crocodile leather strap with a DLC coated titanium alloy folding clasp, perfect to bring out the elegance of the watch temperament. 2017 Geneva High Watch Fair (SIHH) has been slowly approaching, these three eclectic, breaking the conventional Excalibur King series of time, through the deconstruction with the traditional design of retrograde approach: cut, split, interrupt, decentralized, watches technology and aesthetic performance wonderful prelude.